Iftar Part II

Venue : Garden Jaya Jusco , Malacca
Iftar with loves ( Tiera absence because of fever )

Kurma cenonet given free of charge by le Garden

Milo Ice which costs RM 3.90 

Spaghetti with Seafood which costs RM 12.90 

Jco which always been my fav ! with caviar *slrppp

Our very first time trying out eating at le Garden , Alhamdulillah. Nice and worth .

Next , we've been spending our time playing with this bunga api y'know after going to bazaar. Like never played before je.hee , Yeah enjoyed it much

It will be a complete sisters with Tiera's existence ! :)

Salam Ramadhan from me and my bestfriend to all of you.

Haappy Eid day in advance *bak kata ziema*

Bye Assalamualaikum (: 

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