Pernah tak macam sampai one point, diri ni rasa macam give up ?
Pernah tak macam dari kita berusaha untuk something tu, then kita rasa sia-sia?

Why am I asking such a weirdo quests? Because i started to feel give up , move on , letting go all things , started everything back , deleting all negative thoughts that mengacau my mind , Because of what? Because I am super tired , because i feel like sia sia, because i feel that I am the one who only stand up for something but in the end , the things that i stand up for drag me down to one point yang i rasa like a big Loser !

It's pathetic you know to be in this situation. Lagilagi when you face it alone and you rasa all the things you rasa you tak patut rasa, but still mengada nak rasa and lastly make yourself mcm !@#$%&*

Idk lah , it just i have lost my sense.

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