To-do-list .

So, today i'm thinking to list all my wishlist here. Well, not a compulsory one but still, it's a to-do-list before i get old.I campur-campur all the things that i wanna ride, i wanna go . ala ,lantakla as long it is on my lists. hehe.

1. I dont know what we call this thing. cable car ke ? i dont think so sbb cable car is full-covered kan.

Ahhhhh , speechless much . Anyone ? Jom? Haha.

2. Universal Studio (Japan)

Yeahhh . This what we called Ohsemmm . i've went to Universal Studio in Singapore and Transtudio in Bandung and yeah it's a remarkable memories but still i rasa tak bole kalahkan Japan punya ? 

ps: The currency je killed me softly you know ah.

3. Dive w/ dolphins

I'm dying to do this. Yes, this. No matter what, someday i'm going to go for this. Insyaallah

4. Disneyland 

Always on my wishlist since i was seven. haha. I don't really have my fav cartoons anyway. Kalau boleh nak yang Paris punya instead of Hong Kong. Peh,demand engkau

5. Bungee Jumping

This! Haha. Ramai cakap you gonna scared to death bcs of this bungee jumping. but belum cuba belum taw kan? I found this thing interesting because the moment u jump u boleh buang separuh rasa takut tu dari diri. Sunway Lagoon,Malaysia.

Ok, doa untuk diri sendiri dapat capai things i wanna ride. places i wanna go. Ameen.
Not now , maybe in future :) Who knows? hehe

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