Too toooo tooooo bad, i've know the real colour of you. thanks for acting like you care of all this while. thanks for the concerned. thanks for your beautiful words upon me. thanks for your everything. i mean every single things. i felt like i've been threw by shits all over my face . Just one words . you don't have to act you care if you don't even care. you don't have to show me your kindness if you never sincere. you don't have to . yes, you don't. No, im just wondering why did you did that? Why must you pretend ? Why you're being fake? Why must you talk shits about me and blur it out to others ? Why and Why ? Why ! Fuck, im making myself such an asshole infront of you..

Aku lebih hina , atau orang yang berpura pura selama ni lebih hina,
Satu je soalan aku ,
Apa salah aku kat kau? Apa dosa aku kat kau? dan kenapa Tuhan uji aku sampai mcm ni ?
no. aku tak sepatut tanya kenapa Tuhan uji aku. cuma aku terkilan. Permainan apa yang kau main depan aku ni? Apa kau cuba tunjuk aku setelah lebih 10 tahun aku dengan kau.
One day, you'll forget my name and so do my existence. Even now, you dont even cared at all. am i right?

Whyyyyyyyy Whyyyyyyyyyyyy and Whyyyyyyyyyy you did this fucking things to me and why should i know the truth?

However , i remembered a quotes that i've read previously which written that

" when someone does something that hurt you,make a promise to yourself and Allah that you won't do the same thing to anyone else "

Time heals almost everything. i guess ,
give the time, some time.

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