Girls & Make up

Hi Girly2 and Lucky2 sekalian ,

okay , today i would love to write bout Girls & Make up
It's not a tutorial on How To MakeUp !
No  No and a big No there ok ?
It just that , ape penting MakeUp ni for girls 

mostly , girls love makeup. well , my younger sister yang baru habis UPSR dah kecoh nak pakai lipstick , eye shadow , blusher and .... okay i ain't know more than that because i'm soooo not into this thingy
 ( Buat masa sekarang la )
For me , yeah make up sometimes make us (Girls) feel fake but it's one ways for girls to have something to make them feel .. err.. Superb or Pretty .. perhaps ? orrrrr .. maybe salah satu cara to make they olls feel more confidence in themselves.

Don't worry , even if you don't do make up , your price wont be below than RM40 , hehe . 

Yet to girls out there ,

the best potion to make you girls beauty is to make yourself beauty inside and outside. Then,it will be a fucking perfect make up for youuu 

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